May 17, 2011

Easy Peasy Party Planning

Throwing a Birthday Party? Not sure where to start? Start with an invite and turn it into a Birthday Party!

We started with this adorable new invitation — Celebration Banner Pink Birthday Invitation. Check out all of our fun and fresh Petite Lemon Birthday Party Invitations.

Then we thought we'd create some fun and easy birthday party decor — so we created matching Cupcake Toppers and a Happy Birthday Pennant. Both available as free downloads here (Pink Pennant, Blue Pennant, Pink Toppers, Blue Toppers).

The invite, pennant and cupcake toppers are available in coordinating blue and pink colors, shown in the post above (Pink Pennant, Blue PennantPink Toppers, Blue Toppers).

Here are some other coordinating birthday party items to inspire you:


Paper Party Hats (such a party classic!), Spotted Cupcake Liners (added dot details gives cupcakes that extra touch!), Sparkly Steamers (an eye catcher!), Paper Blooms (big, bold and fun!), Fancy Drinks + Straws (fun straws make drinks more fun!), Popcorn Containers (such charming little containers!)

Check out our original Easy Peasy Party Planning post, as well as other Petite Lemon blog posts on's Community Blog, Picture More.

Happy Birthday!
Petite Lemon

April 28, 2011


With Mother’s Day just a few days away, we thought we’d encourage moms to renew and relax. With all that there is to do, it’s tricky for Moms to make time for themselves. Here are some tips to do so:

Change Your Expectations
Remember, it’s OK to cut corners — let the laundry pile up, don’t over schedule your family, clean the kitchen the next day. Sometimes its more fun to just ease up, let go and just enjoy the moment with your family.

Get a Pedicure!
Who doesn’t love having their feet rubbed! If you are on a budget, think about making a spa day with girlfriends at a beauty school.

Ladies Lunch or Dinner
Set aside time to spend with friends — schedule an evening with girlfriends in advance so you can take some time to enjoy the company of good friends. You’re sure to go to bed full of good memories, love and laughs.

Say No
Every time you say “yes” to someone else, you may be saying “no” to your family and priorities. Start small by listing out things you would like to say “no” to — a group, a volunteer commitment, a project. Be honest and gracious, “I apologize but I’m unable to make that commitment.” Before you know it you may find yourself with more time to focus on what matters in your life and with a bit more time for yourself.

Hire a Sitter for the Day
Have a baby sitter or neighboring teen come over during the day so that you can grocery shop, catch up on house projects or just enjoy doing nothing for a day.

No Cook Night
Get take out from your favorite place and eat on disposable plates — you don’t have to cook OR do the dishes!

Make time for yourself — happy, healthy Moms have happy, healthy kids!

(This poster is available for purchase here!)

Happy Mother’s Day!
Petite Lemon

April 26, 2011


Begin planning your child's next birthday party with the perfect invitation and then focus on the best party — the cake!

For your next birthday celebration, try out one of these fun, fresh ideas instead of the usual grocery store sheet cake.

1) Bundt Cakes
Try out a new style of cake with a Bundt — create your own fun flavor and frosted topping, or if you are not the baking type head over to your local bakery.

2) Dipped Marshmallows
Easier to create than they look, a dipped marshmallow is a fun and yummy treat! Dip with any of your favorite toppings such as carmel, chocolate, sprinkles, or crushed graham crackers.

3) Fancy Doughnut
Dress up an ordinary doughnut with embellishments such as frosted piping, chocolate syrup, crumbled cookies, or mini chocolate chips!

4) Cake Pops
A new twist on the cupcake — create a cake ball, put it on a stick, dip in frosting, top with sprinkles and voila!

5) Big Lollipops
Excitement is sure to follow when you serve giant lollipops — display in a vase or wrap in cellophane and tie with a cute ribbon.

6) Dessert Panini
For a totally new spin on desserts, create a dessert Panini and use cute cookie cutters to create fun shapes!

And here's a great Pro-Tip from our Petite Lemon Momprenuer Trace — dish out ice cream ahead of time! Scoop ice cream into cupcake liners, top with sprinkles and pop in the freezer before the party starts!

Check out our original "Better Than a Sheet Cake" blog post, as well as other Petite Lemon blog posts over at's Community Blog, Picture More. 

Petite Lemon

April 15, 2011


Make running around the yard more fun with a pinwheel! These cute Easter mini pinwheels can be found at this Etsy Shop, Paper Polaroid.

2) Hair Flowers
Every little girl loves to accessorize — these darling hair flowers are the perfect frill! Find them at

3) Hilarious Stuff Creatures
These hilarious stuffed creatures make the perfect companion! The above "Baron of Beef" and his friendly gang can be seen at

4) Personalized Cape
Get your little super hero their very own personalized cape at Etsy Shop, Peanut Pop.

5) Chocolate Bunny
And oldie but a goodie — the See's Candy Chocolate Bunny!

6) Sassy Rubber Duckies
Rubber ducky you're the one! Make bath time even more fun with these colorful, PVC-free ducks! Find them at

7) Petite Lemon Personalized Alphabet Poster
From yours truly — our Animal Crackers Alphabet Poster makes a great Easter Gift! Available in our signature poster paper, removable poster sticker or gallery wrapped canvas.

8) Grow your own Easter Grass!
What a great kid's Easter activity—grow your own Easter grass (so much cuter than plastic grass!) This particular kit is available for purchase at

9) Give Peas a Chance! T-shirt
The perfect Spring time shirt for your little one — you can't go wrong when promoting vegetables! This eco-friendly shirt is available at

And for a little Easter humor ...

Question: Why did the Easter egg hide?
Answer: He was a little chicken!

Happy Easter!
Petite Lemon

April 12, 2011


Whether your looking to host a fabulous Easter Egg Hunt or simply looking for some Egg-tra Egg fun, check out our fun ideas for things to do with Easter Eggs. We’ve got loads of cute ideas for some Eggy Fun!

1) Egg Creatures
Turn ordinary plastic eggs into fun animal critters! Just add googley eyes and pipe cleaners!

2) Egg Note
Include a cute message as a fun surprise—and for a Mom Quick Tip, use plastic eggs!

3) Confetti Filled Eggs
A messy but fun idea, fill eggs with glittery confetti and smash or open on the ground for a beautiful mess!

4) Decoupage Surprise Eggs
For a fun, filled candy treat, make these easy decoupage eggs with your kids!

5) Wooden Egg Cups
Serve an egg filled Easter breakfast with these darling wood Egg Cups!

6) Glitter Eggs
Create a beautiful sparkly centerpiece or hide shimmery eggs on Easter morning with glittered eggs!

7) Egg Silhouettes
For a classically beautiful Easter Egg, decorate with a fancy and fun silhouette.

Here are some other fun things to include in your eggs for the big hunt!

  • jelly beans
  • gold fish
  • m&m's
  • popcorn
  • animal crackers
  • fruit snacks

Happy Egg Hunting!
Petite Lemon

April 6, 2011


With Easter just around the corner, send some Spring Cheer to your loved ones. We have several sweet photo cards that are sure to delight!

What are some of your favorite Easter memories?

Happy Easter!
Petite Lemon

April 4, 2011


Unsure how to list your family names on cards and stationery?

Whether you are married with no kids or married with two names, here are some charming ways to list your family names:

YOU ARE: Married with Kids
Your card may look like this:

YOU ARE: Married with NO Kids
Your card may look like this:

YOU ARE: A Two-Name Family
Your card may look like this:

As the years seem to fly by, add in a year when you list your family name to make it easier to identify each special card or announcement you create.

Consider adding in your little one's or pet's age. It's a great reminder for friends or family and it's also fun to look back at cards and see little ones at various ages.

And lastly, PROOFREAD! You'd think this was a no brainer by name misspellings often happen, especially for multitasking moms and dads. 

The darling Spring card that we've used as our sample is available in both green and pink — and with matching address labels!

Petite Lemon