April 12, 2011


Whether your looking to host a fabulous Easter Egg Hunt or simply looking for some Egg-tra Egg fun, check out our fun ideas for things to do with Easter Eggs. We’ve got loads of cute ideas for some Eggy Fun!

1) Egg Creatures
Turn ordinary plastic eggs into fun animal critters! Just add googley eyes and pipe cleaners!

2) Egg Note
Include a cute message as a fun surprise—and for a Mom Quick Tip, use plastic eggs!

3) Confetti Filled Eggs
A messy but fun idea, fill eggs with glittery confetti and smash or open on the ground for a beautiful mess!

4) Decoupage Surprise Eggs
For a fun, filled candy treat, make these easy decoupage eggs with your kids!

5) Wooden Egg Cups
Serve an egg filled Easter breakfast with these darling wood Egg Cups!

6) Glitter Eggs
Create a beautiful sparkly centerpiece or hide shimmery eggs on Easter morning with glittered eggs!

7) Egg Silhouettes
For a classically beautiful Easter Egg, decorate with a fancy and fun silhouette.

Here are some other fun things to include in your eggs for the big hunt!

  • jelly beans
  • gold fish
  • m&m's
  • popcorn
  • animal crackers
  • fruit snacks

Happy Egg Hunting!
Petite Lemon