April 28, 2011


With Mother’s Day just a few days away, we thought we’d encourage moms to renew and relax. With all that there is to do, it’s tricky for Moms to make time for themselves. Here are some tips to do so:

Change Your Expectations
Remember, it’s OK to cut corners — let the laundry pile up, don’t over schedule your family, clean the kitchen the next day. Sometimes its more fun to just ease up, let go and just enjoy the moment with your family.

Get a Pedicure!
Who doesn’t love having their feet rubbed! If you are on a budget, think about making a spa day with girlfriends at a beauty school.

Ladies Lunch or Dinner
Set aside time to spend with friends — schedule an evening with girlfriends in advance so you can take some time to enjoy the company of good friends. You’re sure to go to bed full of good memories, love and laughs.

Say No
Every time you say “yes” to someone else, you may be saying “no” to your family and priorities. Start small by listing out things you would like to say “no” to — a group, a volunteer commitment, a project. Be honest and gracious, “I apologize but I’m unable to make that commitment.” Before you know it you may find yourself with more time to focus on what matters in your life and with a bit more time for yourself.

Hire a Sitter for the Day
Have a baby sitter or neighboring teen come over during the day so that you can grocery shop, catch up on house projects or just enjoy doing nothing for a day.

No Cook Night
Get take out from your favorite place and eat on disposable plates — you don’t have to cook OR do the dishes!

Make time for yourself — happy, healthy Moms have happy, healthy kids!

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Happy Mother’s Day!
Petite Lemon